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L-R....Doug Gayford, John Gayford, Brendan Shadford, Stuart Hamilton, Doug Sandrin

First Line cast at arrival

1- Out of the shipping channel, arriving about to swing alongside pier; 2- About to tie up alongside, Doug G & Stu. shake hands, Brendan takes video, John at the helm with son Thomas to the side and Doug S. prepares the ropes.... Top 4 arrival photo's courtesy of Bernie Fox. Thanks Bernie.

27/2 L'il Al at sunset (D.G.); 27/2 Doug G with his favourite candy (S.H.) 1/3 Playful Seal (D.S. video still).

22/2 More SO waves (B.S.); 22/2 John enjoying sun with approaching squall (B.S.); 26/2 John at the helm in rough seas (D.S.); 27/2 Chart Plotter approaching Australia (D.S.)

20/2 Chart Plotter showing route so far, brown line Goss route (D.S.); 21/2 Stu cooking dinner with the gimbled stove (D.G.); 21/2 Stormy rough seas (J.G.); 22/2 Big SO wave (J.G.)
20/2 Sunrise on the Southern Ocean (D.G.)

15/2 Doug G writing emails (S.H.); 16/2 Doug S. at the helm on a dark and stormy night on the SO(D.G.); 16/2 Crew enjoy fresh muffins baked by Brendan (D.G.); 18/2 John misty day on the Southern Ocean ( D.S.)

Sunset on Southern Ocean (S.H.); 12/2 Movie Day-Three Stooges (D.G.); 10/2 Big wave on the bow (D.S.); 14/2 Stuart at the Helm in rain and stormy SO waves (D.G.);
10/2 John steering a big wave on the Southern Ocean (D.S.)

7/2 Drying out the wet gear (D.S.); 7/02 Big Al. (B.S.); 09/2 Brendan enjoying HH (D.G); 10/2 Brendan at the helm in stormy seas (J.G.); 10/2 Monster SO waves (D.G.)

7/02 Big Al landing on the Southern Ocean (picture by B.S.)

4/02 Big Splash (J.G.); 5/2 Doug S. after a cold, wet watch (D.G.); 7/02 Sunny, Lazy Day on the Southern Ocean (D.G.)

29/01 Petrel rescued by Stu from fishing line. (no injuries); 1/02 Doug demonstrates use of Satellite Phone with antenna out the window

Doug G using pinhole and paper to view the eclipse (D.S.); Doug S using sextant to view eclipse (D.G.) 28/1 Doug S. on cold morning shift (J.G.) Stui and John onward to Aus. (D.G.)

26/1 Solar Eclipse (all photo's by Brendan S.)

25/1 Sunset over the Southern Ocean
(picture by Doug S.)

24/01 WHALE in the Southern Ocean
picture by Brendan

24/01 WHALE! Brendan captures the action. ( S.H.) Last picture...."upside down" showing his half white belly (2-B.S.)

23/01 Wandering Albatross (B.S.) Stui bird watching (B.S.)

23/01 Doug G on radio to Peri Peri (B.S.); 23/01 Chart Plotter as of S.A. (D.S. ); 20/01 Doug G trying out his floater suit (S.H.); Li'l Al's Amy Whitehouse Look (D.G.)

22/1 Doug S cleaning and skinning the Tuna; L'il Al quick landing for a scrap of Tuna
pictures by John (J.G.)

17/01 Departure Day, Doug S. rounding the Cape (B.S.); 20/01 John's Mahi Mahi catch of the day (D.G.) 20/01 Li'l Al does a perfect landing (B.S.)
Jan. 16th False Bay Yacht Club Simon's Town (D.S. from hilltop hike)
10/01 Cape Penninsula (B.S.); 13/01 Pete Goss, Elliot & Mark with FGT (D.S.) 14/01 Falcon coming out of the water (D.S.); 16/01 Doug S with "Just Nuisance" Simon's Town;